Get Stronger, Live Longer

Virtual fitness and nutrition training that adapts to your schedule, fitness level and health

How It Works

Curated Workouts to Meet Your Needs

Get the planning, accountability and motivation you need to turn exercise into a routine.

Science-based fitness and nutrition programs, handcrafted for you based on your health, physiology and lifestyle

One-on-one training with a certified, expert coach

Direct, anytime access to your coach

Regular nudges and reminders from your coach to help you stay motivated

Fitness Training in your Pocket

Take StrongPath with you wherever you go. And squeeze in a workout wherever (and whenever) is most convenient for you, whether it’s on the beach at sunset, during a 10-minute lunch break at work, or just before bed, in the comfort of your very own home. No costly gym membership or fancy equipment required.

Let Us Take Care of the Planning for You

Not sure how to plan your workouts or create your fitness routine? We’ve got you covered. We’ll plan out everything for you, making sure that your fitness program is fun, varied and attainable. The only thing you have to worry about is completing the workouts!

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Fitness Training that Adapts to Your Health

StrongPath connects seamlessly with HealthSnap, so (if you like) you can give your coach access to your health and lifestyle data. Based on that, they can create a hyper personalized fitness and nutrition program, crafted just
for you.

how it works
Taking Personalization to the Next Level

Get paired with an expert (human) coach, who will guide you, support you and keep you on track to meet your goals.

1Get on a StrongPath Program

Regular nudges and reminders from your coach to help you stay motivated

2Meet Your Coach

Kick off your StrongPath journey with a quick video call to chat about your availability, fitness level, health needs, injuries and goals.

3Start Your Personalized Training Program

Each week, your coach will send you a customized training and nutrition plan, tailored to your goals, fitness level and health needs.

4Gain Insights to Improve Your Training

Your coach will regularly monitor your progress and metrics to see how you’re doing—and adapt your training program accordingly. And if you give your coach access to your StrongPath Insights, powered by HealthSnap, they’ll be able to further customize your program based on your health, physiological and lifestyle data.

5Chat with Your Coach

Your coach will be there to motivate you before workouts and provide you with feedback as soon as you finish. They’ll cheer you on when you reach a milestone and be there to answer any questions that you have throughout your journey.

6Move Forward

Once per month, you’ll video chat with your coach to strategize and plan ahead. They’ll keep you on track and make sure that you progress in your StrongPath journey.

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In a League of its Own

Don’t just take our word for it. See how StrongPath compares to the other fitness options out there.

Fitness programs that target
health needs
Motivational nudges
Workout from anywhere
Personalized nutrition plans
One-on-one training with an expert, certified coach
Regular fitness updates and education
Fitness Apps
Traditional Personal Training
The StrongPath Methodology is Proven to Work

Our unique approach to fitness is scientifically proven to build strength and improve health (and those who have tried it agree).

Personal coach included with the app! This is a real, licensed physical trainer who follows my progress and helps me tailor my workouts so I can get what I really want to get out of them. I like having access to video demos of the various workouts.

Phil Rownd,

I like the personal hands on approach. I’m able to ask my trainer questions whenever I need, and she responds quickly.


Being able to keep records of your workout results and progress is motivating and fun!


This is an awesome fitness app, but more importantly it’s a holistic health app. I love the integration of fitness, nutrition, sleep and mindfulness.

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From healthcare providers to personal trainers, we work with both individuals and organizations to help our users get healthy and strong.

The Book that Started it All

Based on scientific evidence and real-life case studies, Choosing the StrongPath is a must-read for anyone who wants to live a long, healthy, high-quality life.

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