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Extending Clinical Reach Beyond Office Limits

StrongPath’s Digital Therapeutic Programs are designed to improve patient engagement, health literacy, and clinical outcomes. Our programs help patients by providing actionable, condition-specific therapies to optimize their lifestyle and longevity. They assist providers by extending their reach beyond clinic walls through digital care.

Our Story
Living Proof of the StrongPath

When our co-founder Fred Bartlit, was in his 60s, he noticed that all of his friends stopped skiing with him.

Meanwhile, Fred continued to not only ski, but also to lift weights, play golf, swim and run. Everyone his age seemed to slow down, but Fred felt stronger and better than ever. And he set out to find out why.

Many medical professionals told Fred that muscle deterioration was simply a natural part of the ageing process. But he refused to accept that answer. If that were the case, then why did he feel so great?

Fred soon discovered the importance of building muscle and how doing so can help people to live longer—and most importantly, healthier—lives.

Shortly after, Fred met Steven, who was recovering from cancer and valley fever fungal pneumonia. In 2012, Steven was rushed to the hospital, where he ended up having cardiac bypass surgery.

Just three months after surgery, Steven returned to the gym, ignoring his doctor’s advice to not do anything more strenuous than walking. And as a result, his health drastically improved.

Today, Fred, 89 years old, and Steven, 70 years old, both feel strong, healthy and even better than they did in their 20s. All thanks to the StrongPath method.

Fred and Steven created StrongPath to help at-risk patients fight chronic disease and live longer, happier, disease-free lives.

"We have proof the second half of life can be just as wonderful as the years of our youth."

Fred Bartlit
Meet the Leadership Team

Fred Bartlit,

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Fred Bartlit, Co-Founder

Fred is co-author of Amazon Best Seller, Choosing the StrongPath: Reversing the Downward Spiral of Aging. He is a former U.S. Army Ranger. Head of Bartlit Beck, Fred is a distinguished trial lawyer who Chambers USA Legal Rankings (2017) called “arguably the best trial lawyer in the United States.” He has represented President George Bush and President Barack Obama. He graduated first in his class in law school and holds the top academic record in the 120-year history of his law school. At the age of 50, Fred adopted his new lifestyle built around challenging exercise and excellent nutrition. At 89 years old, he is an outstanding example of what can be achieved.

To this day, Fred regularly improves his lifetime strength training bests. Fred is living proof that vigorous exercise and excellent nutrition can radically improve an individual’s quality of life far beyond the mental and physical deterioration of common aging. He is leading this effort to inspire others to get on and stay on the StrongPath so that they too may become the very best version of themselves and live a long, strong, healthy life.

Steven Droullard,

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Steven Droullard, Co-Founder

Steven is Fred’s co-author of Choosing the StrongPath and also author of The Power of Attention, a book about attention mechanics as it relates to habit formation and psychological transformation. 14 years ago, he adopted Fred’s StrongPath regimen after a battle with cancer and cardiac bypass surgery.

Today, at age 70, Steven credits the StrongPath for his return to vigorous health. He is now cancer-free and remarkably heart-healthy. He is stronger now than ever before in his life, and like Fred, continually improves his personal lifetime strength training bests. Steven is proof that it is possible to overcome severe medical setbacks and regain excellent quality of life by adopting the StrongPath.

Jeffery Camp,

Chief Executive Officer
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Jeffery Camp, Chief Executive Officer

Jeff is an accomplished finance professional and executive with over 30 years of investment and business administration experience. Having founded and run several startups, he immediately recognized the benefits StrongPath could bring to the millions who are struggling with chronic diseases.

Jeff is the founding Managing Director of the University of Miami ‘Cane Angel Network, an investment platform that supports the university’s entrepreneurial community.

He’s also the Managing Partner of JC Venture Capital, an investment firm specialized in early-stage technology startups. Since 2008, he has taught a graduate-level business class at the University of Miami School of Business Administration.

Lisa Aponte,

Director of Program Integrity
Charlie Becker

Charlie Becker,

Chief Sales Officer

Vanessa Lara, PhD, LDN, CNS,

Director of Program Development
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Vanessa Lara, PhD, LDN, CNS, Director of Program Development

Dr. Lara holds a Master's and Doctorate Degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from the University of Miami, Coral Gables. Dr. Smith is Vanessa’s mentor, so she learned the importance of applied knowledge and adopted a StrongPath lifestyle, which is key to chronic disease prevention and optimal health. She enjoys strength training and High-intensity interval training. She is adept at all types of yoga, from Power to Yin practices. She is also great on skates.

Vanessa has both the scientific knowledge and “how to” experience needed to help others get started and progressively adopt the StrongPath in a customized way from their current condition. When it comes to nutrition, Dr. Lara doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach; rather, she carefully examines each client’s distinctive biological makeup, goals and lifestyle to provide them with a personalized nutrition plan and advice.
Michael Zucchi

Michael Zucchi,

Chief Technology Officer

The Book that Started it All

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