Five Benefits of Weight Training as You Get Older

Woman lifts weights to prevent disease as she gets older.

Obesity is on the rise, fueling increases in high blood pressure, diabetes, and other health issues. Lifting weights can help you counter these debilitating conditions. Weight training in your 40s, 50s, and older can be life-changing. Results can come quickly. And that’s exactly what your body needs.

Here are five reasons you should pick up those weights:

  1. Rebuilds Muscle Mass
    As you get older, your body begins to lose muscle density through a natural process called sarcopenia. Muscle loss begins slowly in your 30s and accelerates in your 60s. Lifting weights rebuilds lost muscles, gives you strength, and improves mobility.
  1. Improves Balance and Movement
    Stronger muscles support your joints, tendons, connective tissue, and skeleton. Better motor coordination means you are less likely to lose your balance, are more flexible, and are less likely to fall.
  1. Improves Overall Health
    Resistance training can lower your blood pressure which can enhance your heart health. It also improves insulin levels, which can aid in the prevention or management of diabetes. Weight training can help you stay in shape and build up your bone density.
  1. Helps Fight Cancer
    Aerobics is not enough to fight cancer. New research shows that people who strength train have a 31 percent lower of dying from cancer than people who don’t lift weights. Strength training lowers the risk of breast, colon, and many other forms of cancer of occurring.
  1. It’s Good for Your Brain
    A good weight training workout can leave you in a better mental state of mind and can fight depression, which can be a persistent issue as you age due to chronic physical conditions and isolation. Multiple studies also show that resistance training can slow brain aging by ten years and build brain cells.

There are many more benefits, including sleeping better, and they all add up to being more independent. The healthier and more active you are, the more likely you will get up and get out on your own and enjoy life like you did when you were younger.

Doctors recommend working out three times a week. Getting started on a weight training program is easy. You don’t even need to belong to a gym to get on the StrongPath. Check out our videos from Ed Cashin of Truth Training showing you how to get strong with a kettlebell.

As always, talk to your doctor before you get started on any new exercise program.









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