You’ve Got to Do Leg Exercises. Period.

Fred Bartlit stresses the importance of leg exercises as we age.

As I approach my 87th birthday this summer, the critical nature of leg exercise to the “oldest of the old”, like me, is being driven home. Sometimes, when I’m traveling, I miss two to three days of leg exercises. Almost immediately, I feel the weakness in my legs rising. My step becomes less confident. I stumble more often.

Old, old age has me by the legs, trying to pull me down. But every single day that I do leg work—sprinting, skipping, intense interval work, leg presses, squats, lunges, running up steep stairs two-at-a-time, jumping on a BOSU ball—my legs are great. They’re strong. I’m confident. I’m independent.

As I’ve said before, this intense leg regime has made my skiing much, much better. My son, who never kisses my butt, says I am much better than ever before. Sure, it is frustrating that there can be no respite from leg work but accepting that is much better than the alternative.

If you want to #BeLikeFred and remain strong and independent in your 70s, 80s, and beyond, check out these great leg exercises here on

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