More Reasons to Exercise as You Age and Stop Taking Supplements: Today’s Headlines

Jul 11 2019 by StrongPath

Today’s most up-to-date headlines on reducing muscle loss as you age and avoiding sarcopenia.

Exercise Improves Mood in Cancer Patients Study Says

Cancer patients and survivors who exercise are in better moods than those who don’t.  According to Healio, a study published in Journal of the American Geriatric Society looked at how cancer patients 60 and older doing chemotherapy reacted to an exercise regimen that included walking and resistance training. Results showed marked improvements in anxiety levels, mood and social and emotional well-being over the control group. To read the full report, click here.

How to Prevent Falls from Becoming Deadly

Falls are increasing and becoming more deadly among an aging population. That’s because we lose muscle as we age. We don’t have the strength to stop ourselves when we fall. But there are ways to prevent the risk of falling as you age. The number one intervention is increasing strength and balance through exercise, though not enough doctors are recommending it to older adults, according to one study published in 2018. The Epoch Times reviews additional expert advice everyone should think about. To read the full report click here.

Stop Wasting Your Money on Supplements

StrongPath’s founder and bestselling author, Fred Bartlit, tells people to skip the supplements and hit the gym hard instead. But not everybody is listening. In fact, the supplement industry is valued at $30 billion. A recent report in Medscape said, “…according to the most comprehensive analysis of their effects, most of that money is being wasted.” Some science seems to agree. To read the full report click here.

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