Slow Aging Through Strength Training: Find Out How.

Fred Bartlit discusses slow aging with strength training.
Oct 29 2018 by StrongPath

Slow Aging Through Strength Training

StrongPath Co-Founder and CEO Fred Bartlit has made it his mission to sound the alarm on sarcopenia, the muscle-wasting disease that becomes a bigger and bigger part of our lives as we age. His message is simple and backed by medical research—you can reverse the effects of sarcopenia and slow aging through strength training. Most recently, Fred spoke with a group of doctors gathered in Colorado Springs at an annual symposium hosted by the Urologic Oncology Department of the University of Colorado.

How Strength Training Can Slow Aging

According to “Strength training builds muscle and can stop and slow the aging process at any age. In studies of sedentary nursing-home residents between the ages of 80 and 90, a few weeks of weight training have improved strength by 50 percent.”

Until recently, the medical community believed that frailty with aging was inevitable, that it was just a part of our life that we had no control over, according to Fred. Now, the medical community is in agreement that it is a disease that can be treated.

He went on to explain that sarcopenia starts destroying our strength in our 30s, accelerates in our 50s and 60s, and does its most damage between the ages of 60 and 70 when it robs us of a third of the rest of our strength.

While the diagnosis for sarcopenia is relatively-new, the idea that exercise, specifically strength training, is good for you isn’t. But, as Fred pointed out, students learn very little about the important relationship between
strength and longevity in medical school.

Fred said it not about living forever, it is about living your life to its fullest. Strength training is the key.

Fred created to help spread the word about sarcopenia and the important role strength training plays in reversing the downward spiral of aging. We also have a guide for getting of the Frail Trail and getting on the StrongPath.

You can watch Fred’s entire address to the 19th Annual Future Directions in Urology Symposium for more information on sarcopenia and its impact on your life as you age.









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