Stay Strong: Middle Age and Beyond—Why Muscle Matters

Fred Bartlit on sarcopenia and strength training.

It’s never too late to start strength training, and once you do your entire life will change.

That’s the message from StrongPath co-founder Fred Bartlit during an appearance on The Lucas Rockwood Show podcast. “I promise to everyone that if you get on the StrongPath, it will change your life in ways well beyond you would even imagine. It will be the most important thing you will ever do.”

Rockwood invited Fred, who is 86 years old, to his show to talk about the importance of strength training as you age, and to discuss the medical condition sarcopenia. “We’ve seen in our own lives, our aunts and uncles and grandparents getting frail and weak as they got older. And for decades, for centuries, everybody thought that was the inevitable consequence of aging. Now we know officially that it is a disease. Two years ago, the United States government said sarcopenia was a disease,” Fred explained.

Sarcopenia is the slow, steady loss of muscle mass as the body ages and it starts in your 30s. Fred urged everyone to get up off the couch and start lifting weights. “America is so sedentary these days that the impact of sarcopenia is hitting earlier. People in their 40s, instead of in their 70s, have lost half their strength,” according to Fred who cited multiple medical studies of the condition.

Fred explained how strength training is the “silver bullet that actually reverses the aging of our cells. Three days a week, done right, can make a big difference. You will triple your strength in six month. Once the strength starts coming back, everything changes. You don’t just feel a little better, you are better at everything.”

Sharing the message that strength training can reverse the downward spiral of aging is Fred’s life mission. “I want to get the word out. It would please me vey much to be dying at age 95 and thinking that I changed the way people thought about aging in America. That would make me feel my whole life was worthwhile.”

You can hear more about the moment Fred started down his own StrongPath (hint: it involved the woman who would become his wife), plus what his workout week looks like and what he eats in a day by listening to The Lucas Rockwood Show podcast.












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