Staying Strong After 60: Live Your Life to the Fullest

At the age of 86 Fred Bartlit is still skiing like a young man.
Jan 23 2019 by Fred Bartlit

I have studied, learned, and thought a lot about life. Life is actually very, very short. My view of the world is simple: It is not about living a long life; it is about living a great life.

Turns out that for many people—maybe even most—the last 30 years of their lives, from age 60 to 90, are a steady, downward spiral into a smaller and smaller world. I have seen few, if any, who really enjoy this last big chunk of life anywhere near as much as they enjoyed their lives when they were younger.

A top businessman recently told me that he had spent a few days with top people in his company and those senior people flatly rejected that it is possible to be strong, active, and living an exciting, thrilling life for that big, last 30-year period. They all vehemently said it just wasn’t possible, that it couldn’t be true. “Your friend Fred cannot be 86. It is not possible to be 86 and ski bowls at Vail,” they said. “You are lying, or your friend Fred is lying.” And on and on.

How very, very sad that to most Americans it is not possible to do strong, active, even scary things late in life. So little is taught about how to stay strong as we age, making the situation even worse. Too many people are ceding a huge chunk of their lives to a world of quiet desolation, with no thought of doing the same things they did as a youth.

This is very, very frustrating to me. That is why all of my thoughts, energies, and advocacy are focused hard on teaching people how to make this big chunk of a short life as wonderful, exciting, and thrilling as any other part of life. That’s the spirit behind

All I want to do is teach people not to give up and that they can stay strong, active and powerful as they age. Sometimes I feel like giving up on my mission, but I never give up. So, I will die trying to share my message.


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