Strength Training and That Skiing Video Everyone Is Watching

Skiing is one of the best activities for gauging how a person is doing in the battle again the downward spiral of aging. Skiing and strength training are closely linked. It’s not possible to ski at all if your legs are weak, your core is weak, and your fast twitch muscles are gone.

I discovered the benefits of strength training in my 60s. In the last three years, in my 80s, I have ramped-up my workouts and my skiing has improved an order of magnitude: I am skiing faster, better, and longer than 40 years ago.

The lesson? Working out allows you to not only continue the activities you love—for me its skiing as you can see from this second video, for you it may be something different—but get better at them.

StrongPath got a lot of emails from people who saw my first skiing video on our Facebook page. A lot of them asked me, at age 86, what kind of exercises do I do to build me up for my trips to the ski slopes. The answer is: leg presses, lunges, and deadlifts to strengthen my core.

As with any exercise program, check with your doctor before you get started.

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