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StrongPath's Digital Cardiac Rehabilitation Program can reduce hospitalizations and readmission—and reduce healthcare costs.

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StrongPath’s Digital Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

As a digital care company, StrongPath works with healthcare professionals to provide patients with remote cardiac rehabilitation, leading to higher engagement and increased cardiovascular health with decreased readmission rates.

Our Digital Cardiac Rehab Program follows all CMS guidelines for teleheath and digital care programs:

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Remote Physiological Monitoring
  • Telehealth Visits

Better Engagement, Better Outcomes

Our program gives patients more control over their health, which increases their participation and engagement, leading to more optimal outcomes for patients.

The StrongPath cardiac rehab program includes tracking physiological data both during exercise and for daily monitoring. Each patient will receive a StrongPath Pulse device that they can use during exercise so that their Exercise Physiologist can monitor their heart rate throughout the session. They’ll also receive a cellular Blood Pressure Monitor for daily monitoring. The home tracking devices automatically transfer data into our patient tracking system without the patient having to download an app or learn intricate technology and it provides the clinical staff with alerts as a patient’s data changes.

Cardiac Rehab Made Easy

One of the most significant barriers to cardiac rehabilitation success is accessibility to the patient. StrongPath’s program allows patients to attend the sessions from the comfort and safety of their own home without an arduous commute to a clinic.

Patient Assessment and Consultation

Patients will receive a monthly consultation to review their physiological data, program progress, and assess relevant areas of their lifestyle, such as physical activity, diet, sleep, stress, fat mass, and fat storage patterns as part of our integrative approach toward improving patient outcomes. Healthcare Providers will review a detailed analysis of the patient’s assessment results, goals for the month, and physiological data.

Cardiac Exercise Sessions

Throughout the week, patients will perform cardiac rehab sessions with their Exercise Physiologist along with fellow patients via a telehealth visit. The Exercise Physiologist will monitor their heart rate during the sessions, and the patients will get emotional support and accountability from a community of people who share a common goal of improving their cardiovascular health.

Expand Outside the Office

As you expand your practice’s reach and optimize patient cardiac care you will also see a revenue stream and reporting measures increase, thanks to a higher patient volume and consistent remote monitoring.

Why Partner with StrongPath

StrongPath’s cutting edge, yet easy-to-use technology is leading the way in the world of digital therapeutics, allowing healthcare providers to manage the patient’s disease state remotely.

When you partner with us, you’ll be able to enhance patient care with a team that’s there to support you and your patients every step of the way without a need for you to train additional staff or learn and implement new technology.

StrongPath will help you to:

  • implement an innovative and a proactive approach toward optimizing patient health
  • magnify the ongoing relationship with your patients with increased patient engagement
  • increase your revenue potential while reducing cardiovascular events and improving the overall patient experience as part of a streamlined method of delivery without disturbing your standard clinic workflow

Care Navigation

We understand that this is new landscape and we’re here to help you navigate patient care and your practice through it. We will help you set up the new technology and integrate it with your existing practice.

Improved Patient Outcomes and Lower Risk of Future Cardiovascular Events

Higher patient engagement and participation in our proactive style of healthcare helps to reduce hospital admissions and improve care.

Reduced Workload

We facilitate your workflow by providing the care coordination and technology coordination to optimize patient care and reimbursement potential. We also provide the documentation to support compliant billing. And we continually review to make sure that you’re getting the highest reimbursement possible.

Complete Control

With the StrongPath Digital Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, you will be able to manage your patients’ cardiac health from home. With exercise and daily tracking of vital signs, you will know what is happening with your patients and how they are progressing.