Empathetic, High-touch Care

Our personalized digital therapeutic programs always put the patient first.

Exercise as a RemedyUsing digital therapeutics and an evidence-based approach, we help patients fight chronic disease, while allowing healthcare providers to extend their care beyond the office.

Remote technology

We provide the monitoring data to best manage patient care.

Care navigation

We facilitate and coordinate patient care, so healthcare providers can better manage patients in their disease state.

Long-term relationships

We pride ourselves on the deep relationships we form with both patients and healthcare providers.

A Path for Every Health Need

Each of our StrongPaths helps tackle a different health need.

StrongPath Heart

StrongPath Heart aims to decrease heart rate and blood pressure, improve digestion and increase stress resilience.

StrongPath Mind

Best for those looking to improve mental and emotional resilience, StrongPath Mind is designed to enhance emotional wellbeing, reduce anxiety, improve cognitive function, regulate appetite and clear the mind.

StrongPath Muscle

This Path helps patients increase lean body mass, reduce joint pain and improve joint function, so they feel stronger than Popeye.

StrongPath Body

Intended to combat obesity and improve metabolic health, StrongPath Body aims to help patients lose weight, boost cardiometabolic markers and strengthen their immune system.

Increased Patient Engagement & Enhanced Patient Care

Our remote patient monitoring helps the patient maintain autonomy, while allowing healthcare providers to better manage their patient’s health.

Enrolled patients receive live physical movement sessions in a digital community setting as well as personalized educational material. StrongPath also offers physiological data tracking; nutritional and metabolic status checks; and integrative behavioral and social reports.

The result? Patients are happier and more engaged. And physicians are able to extend care beyond the office and increase revenue through the appropriate compliant services.

From the Founders of StrongPath

Based on scientific evidence and real-life case studies, Choosing the StrongPath is about how to prevent and reverse sarcopenia–and live a long, healthy, disease-free life.

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