We’ll help your first responders become their strongest selves, so they can really give it their all when on duty.

Training That Will Keep Them on Their Toes

StrongPath will help your Emergency Medical Responders physically and mentally prepare for whatever emergencies lie around the corner.

Benefits of StrongPath for Emergency Medical Responders

Prevent on-the-job Injuries.

Our expert-designed StrongPath programs will help your emergency medical responders build strength, improve cardiometabolic health, and develop mental resilience, so they can perform their job successfully, prevent injuries on the job and ward off disease.

Squeeze in Exercise Whenever it’s Convenient.

We realize that emergency medical responders have crazy, unpredictable schedules. With StrongPath, they’ll have access to microworkouts that can easily fit into their busy days (no gym or fancy machines required).

Choose the Intensity.

When your emergency medical responders are on duty, the last thing you want is for them to be called in for an emergency right in the middle of an intense workout. We’ve got exercises ranging from low intensity to high intensity, so your team members can pick the right exercises…at the right time

Stay Composed and Attentive When it Matters the Most.

Our yoga, stress management and mindfulness activities will help support your emergency medical responders’ mental health, so they can stay calm and focused when disaster strikes.

Maximize Their Years on the Job.

Who says that emergency medical responders have to retire earlier than other workers? We’ll help them become their strongest selves, so they can boost career longevity and keep working as long as possible.

No Equipment? No Problem.

We’ve got bodyweight exercises for your team that will help them build muscle and gain strength—without ever having to lift a weight.