Exercise Is As Good for Your Brain As Therapy and Medication

Sep 14 2019 by StrongPath

That’s according to a recent study from researchers at the University of Santa Maria in Brazil and King’s College in London.

Why? It decreases the body’s inflammation and it boosts the production of a protein that feeds brain development. All of which fends off depression. Also, exercise is a confidence builder and the social element helps too. Combined, all of these things work to treat and prevent depression.

Researchers Felipe Barreto Schuch and Brendon Stubbs spent a year following 267,000 people, across 49 ongoing studies, none of whom had ever exhibited signs of depression. Those who did more had lower depression rates, across gender and age. In fact, they were 17 to 41percent less susceptible to depression.

For those who never worked out, once they started nearly half responded in a large way to exercise.

So get to the gym for a mood booster.

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