An Incredible Tragedy Looms for 80 Million Americans

Jan 09 2018 by Fred Bartlit

There were 80 million Americans born between 1943 and 1963. They are now between the ages of 55 and 75. Their average life expectancy is to age 90, So, on average, they have 25 more years of life to enjoy.

These Boomers are a unique demographic cohort: They are the wealthiest generation of all time. They grew up genuinely expecting the world to improve during their lives. They have spent their lives thinking they were “different and “special”, and expecting the best of everything, including a deep confidence in medical science

Now, as their average age is 65, we see them in television ads proudly announcing, “I am only 65 and have a good long life ahead of me”,

They have seen their aunts, uncles, parents become disabled by loss of strength and frailty, but do not expect that to happen to them.

How very sad and misinformed they are.

Turns out that, like their parents, aunts, uncles, frailty will destroy big chunks of their lives. But, for them, it is even worse because their longer life expectancy will mean many extra years of terrible weakness and disability.

To top this off, the U.S. Government informs Boomers that no one knows the cause of frailty in aging and there is no cure. A leading medical scientist advises us that life after 75 is so awful, because of disabilities, and that we should all die at 75.

This is just flat wrong; we know the cause and we know the cure.

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