Leading Physician: “Choosing the StrongPath is a Game Changer”

Jun 07 2018 by StrongPath

Vigorous physical exercise can lead to better outcomes for men and women who have been diagnosed with cancer, according to Dr. E. David Crawford, head of urological oncology at the University of Colorado in Aurora, Colorado. That’s why Dr. Crawford recommends that his patients read Choosing the StrongPath, calling the book a “game changer” in the battle to prevent and manage cancer.

The book, co-authored by StrongPath co-founder Fred Bartlit, is about the impact strength training can have on improving your health and well-being, and includes the research and tools you need to include weight training in your life. “I think it’s one of the most impactful publications in the last decade,” Dr. Crawford said as he introduced Fred on his podcast Grand Rounds in Urology. “Fred is in his mid-80s and looks and acts like he’s in his 50s.”

During the interview, Fred explained that recent studies have documented the benefits of a cancer patient taking up weight training. “Medical researchers are not resisting heavy resistance training, they are adopting it,” he said. “The body is so sensitive to exercise, even a 15-minute walk makes a tremendous difference. But, because the body is so sensitive, why would you want to stop with a 15-minute walk when you could change your entire life.”

Intense Exercise Lowers Cancer Risk

Dr. Crawford cited a number studies that support intense exercise as treatment for cancer patients:

  • Men with nonmetastatic prostate cancer and who exercise vigorously an hour a day have a 61 percent lower risk of death from prostate cancer than men who exercise less.
  • Another study showed that people who exercise are 24 percent less-likely to develop colon cancer.
  • Women diagnosed with breast cancer and who exercise three to five hours a week have a 40 percent to 50 percent lower risk of breast cancer reoccurrence, death from breast cancer, or death from any cause compared to sedentary women.


For more on the impact of intense exercise lowering cancer risks listen to the entire podcast.

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