Helping Cancer Survivors Thrive

Thanks to improvements in diagnosis and medical treatments, the number of cancer survivors in the United States has grown to more than 15 million, which is double the seven million survivors just 25 years ago. By 2040, the number of survivors is expected to grow to more than 26 million.

Medically managing cancer is not the only contributing treatment to improved survivor rates, according to the Shaw Cancer Center in Vail, Colorado. Lifestyle improvements, including exercise and diet, are shown to play a key role.

This Sunday, the Shaw Cancer Center and Vail Symposium host Life After Cancer: How to Not Only Manage, But Thrive at the Westin Riverfront Resort in Vail, Colorado. Fred Bartlit—Choosing the StrongPath co-author and founder—will be part of the panel moderated by Dr. Patricia Hardenbergh. Fred will discuss how strength training can help you combat frailty, and its overall impact on your physical and mental well-being.

If you’re in the Vail area Sunday, doors open at 1:30 pm and the panel begins at 3:00 pm. We’ll share information from Life After Cancer here on

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