Stay Flexible: How to Find a Stretching Therapist That’s Right for You

There is no right way to stretch, but we’re sure that you have preferences. If you’re an avid stretcher, there are stretching therapists that you can hire.

Stretching therapists simply make sure that you’re stretching properly while avoiding injury and overuse of your muscles. If you’re not currently stretching regularly, you should look into stretch therapy. Stretching offers many benefits that you should be taking advantage of.

If you do hire a stretching therapist, you’re going to be spending quality time with them. Keep reading to learn how to choose the right stretching therapist for you.

1. Find a Stretching Therapist Who Can Meet On Your Schedule

Stretching can be done at any time of day, but everyone who stretches has their own preference for what time of the day they do their stretching routine(s). Whether this is in the morning or at night, you should communicate with your potential stretching therapist on your preference.

Some people prefer to wake themselves up in the morning by stretching, while others prefer to relax by stretching at night. You should look into appointment times with your stretching therapist and ensure that your favorite time is being met.

Keep in mind that the therapist that you’re working in should fit into your schedule so that you can still maintain your love for stretching without it feeling like a chore.

2. Find a Stretching Therapist Who Uses A Variety of Techniques

If you’re looking to hire a stretching therapist, you may be looking into trying different stretching techniques that you’ve never tried before. This is understandable as you’re already trying to bring someone new into your routine.

Different stretching therapists have different methods, and you should make sure that you’re okay with some of their methods.

For example, you may be someone who likes a hands-on, mechanical approach to stretching. If your stretching therapist isn’t hands-on, you’re going to be disappointed. Even worse, you won’t get the most out of your stretching routine.

You may like mechanical manipulation, machine-driven results, or another form of stretching. Communicate with your potential stretching therapists and let them know what you have been using successfully.

We also encourage you to be open-minded. Your stretching therapist may have different techniques that you haven’t even considered yet. You should feel free to explore those options as you’re meeting with your stretching therapist.

Overall, a variety of stretching techniques is the best. Your stretching therapist should have many different ideas for you to try during your sessions while still being skilled enough to consider your ideas.

3. Find a Stretching Therapist Who Isn’t Afraid to Try New Things

While many stretching therapists should already have a large number of techniques for you to use and try, there are constantly new ideas and methods coming out. Your therapist for stretching should be open to trying a variety of new techniques.

In fact, your therapist should want to try different techniques so that they find the perfect set of movements for you. You could end up finding a fantastic, new kind of stretching that revolutionizes your sessions.

You never know what some old fashioned trial-and-error can do.

However, we should also note that your stretching therapist shouldn’t see you a guinea pig. We want you to try new things, but you shouldn’t be trying potentially dangerous movements that could end up injuring you.

We urge you to be careful and communicate with your therapist if there is an uncomfortable or harrowing position. If you’re honest about how you’re feeling, you’ll get the most you can out of the program.

4. Find a Stretching Therapist Who Teaches You Their Techniques

We doubt that you have time to meet with your stretching therapist every single day. Because of this, we encourage you to find a stretching therapist who will help you learn some stretching techniques to perform on your own at home.

Some professionals may be unwilling to share their secrets so that you’re forced to come back for more. However, the right therapist for you will show you simple stretches to do at home.

You may find yourself needing a good stretch when you don’t have an appointment scheduled. In these times, you’ll need to be able to use these stretches that your therapist recommends and teaches you.

If you didn’t know great stretches, you may be stuck with the same, old boring movements that you’ve done a million times. Treat your body to new movements and great flexibility by allowing it to learn different directions and rotations.

5. Find a Stretching Therapist Who Caters Their Teaching

People of all ages, strengths, and skill levels choose to spend some of their time stretching. No matter who you are, you should have access to an inclusive therapist who won’t count you out because of your history.

Elderly folks need a great stretching routine just as much as teenagers do. In fact, there are many different types of exercise that seniors can and should do.

Your personal stretching therapist should understand your strengths and weakness while they’re teaching you how to take advantage of these new fitness practices. If your strength is flexibility and your weakness is strength, they should know how to build your strength and highlight your flexibility.

For seniors, inclusivity may look like having lower-impact workouts, slowing-moving workouts, or lighter-weight workouts.

Whatever your workout routine looks like, your therapist should be able to cater to it. They can’t have the same program for everyone, because everyone benefits from different stretching routines.

Make sure to ask your potential stretching therapists about what their protocol is when it comes to making a stretching routine. If there is a preset regiment, you may want to look elsewhere.

The Best Stretching Therapist For You

Now that you know the top qualities that you should be looking for in a stretching therapist, you need to get on with your search for your perfect stretching therapist. If you’re interested in a stretching therapist that has all of these values, look no further than StrongPath.

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