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StrongPath is a movement. It’s inspiration and information. It’s
science and technology. By partnering with fitness coaches, thought leaders, and medical professionals, StrongPath is redefining healthcare by providing lifestyle strategies that help you take control of your health, your resilience, and your overall enjoyment of life.


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You may not have heard of the afterburn effect, and it may sound like something you’d like to avoid, but especially if you are looking to lose weight, it is for you. Kevin “KC” Reed, …
Spend five minutes talking to Ellen Stein and you’ll want to start lifting weights yourself. The 66-year-old champion powerlifter’s positive attitude and humor while talking about her 25 years of strength training is both inspiring …
Dietary supplements and vitamins provide little to no benefits and may be risky reports show. Shelves are lined with vitamins and supplements at health food, grocery, and corner drugstores promising to help improve our health …
Best Exercises for Older Adults and Aging Muscles As you age, you inevitably start to lose muscle mass as part of a normal aging process. Studies show that people between the ages 50 and 70 …
How Often Should Resistance Training Routines Be Changed? If you are strength training consistently, it’s important to continuously push your body in order to see progress on an ongoing basis. James MA Nicholson, ACE Fitness …
Having a hard time getting out of bed to get to the gym? Get over that. Missing a workout has implications. Just two weeks of inactivity can result in muscle loss and it will take …


More of us are living into our 70s and 80s than ever before. The problem is that when I look around, too many people are stuck with health problems caused by a lifetime of poor diet, inactivity, and other destructive habits. Medicine can’t prevent these negative effects. What can is choosing to change how we live. STRONGPATH is a powerful, clinically supported way to better health and quality of life. It has changed my life, and it can change yours.