Before Your Workout

Do A Functional Movement Screen

Before you start strength training make sure you do a Functional Movement Screen. You can go to our video page or have a certified screener test you. Find someone in your area. Explains How to do Various Exercises

Before you start working out see a medical professional to get clearance. Hire a trainer for a session to learn some basics. And look at our list of links below from detailing specific exercises.

SilverSneakers program

SilverSneakers is a free program that helps seniors on Medicare gain access to participating gyms nationwide. To find a gym near you, check out their website.

For Your Workout

Useful Reports

A Harvard Medical School Special Health Report featuring four complete workouts to tone up, slim down, and get fit.

A Harvard Medical School Special Health Report featuring two complete workouts to start rebuilding your muscles.

A College Sports Scholarships report about seniors responding positively to resistance and strength training with a little encouragement and reinforcement.

Other Resources