Sarcopenia and Frailty: World’s Leading Researchers Gather to Discuss Newest Science

Sarcopenia and Frailty conference.
Jan 22 2019 by StrongPath

Next month, medical scientists from around the world will gather in Miami for the International Conference on Frailty and Sarcopenia Research to present and discuss their latest research on the medical conditions that can rob older people of their strength and independence.

Among the organizers of the meeting is the renowned pioneer in the field, Dr. Roger A. Fielding, a senior scientist and director of the Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, and Sarcopenia Laboratory at Tufts University.

Dr. Roger A. Fielding.
Dr. Roger A. Fielding

More than 30 years ago, decades before sarcopenia was recognized by the Centers for Disease Control as a medical disorder, Dr. Fielding first began his research into the relationship between age and muscle loss. “We began to understand that exercise training—particularly strength or resistance training—could help preserve muscle strength and mass even in very old, frail individuals,” wrote Fielding in the foreword to Choosing the StrongPath, co-authored by Fred Bartlit and Steven Droullard.

Dr. Fielding pointed out that even today many elderly people and many physicians still don’t know much, if anything, about sarcopenia. To help correct that, he will be taking part in a panel discussion at the ICFSR on the symptoms that define the condition. Joining him on the main stage will be other American researchers and scientists from Spain, Italy, and France.

Strength training remains the only recognized treatment for sarcopenia, but researchers continue to look for ways to boost that treatment through supplements and medical drugs. Presentations include the findings of a scientific study of whether fish oil supplements are an effective booster to exercise.

If you’re interested in reading up on what is already known about sarcopenia ahead of the new research being released at the conference, which begins on February 22, our guide Sarcopenia: Everything You Need to Know is available on

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