Sounding the Alarm on Sarcopenia

Young man loses muscle mass through sedentary lifestyle.

Sarcopenia is the most insidious disease of our time. And yet, it’s a relatively-new diagnosis in medical books, having just been recognized as a medical condition in 2016. Your doctor may may not even know about it. Sarcopenia is the progressive loss of muscle mass as you age. It begins in most people in their 30s and accelerates in their 60s. It can be avoided. Inactivity is the cause. The good news is there’s is a way to fight it: Get up and get moving.

For the past several years, founder Fred Bartlit has been sounding the alarm about sarcopenia and has been sharing the latest medical research on the treatment through this website and his book, Choosing the StrongPath. Recently, Fred and co-authors Steve Droullard and Dr. Marni Boppart spoke with Life Extension Magazine, explaining how you can reverse the muscle loss that comes with aging. Fred practices what he preaches and, at age 86, Fred says his muscles are stronger than when he was in his 20s.

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