Success Stories

Success Story: Cliff Dalley Redefines “Middle Aged Man”

Cliff Dalley had been working for 36 years straight in a successful executive position at UPS, finally overseeing the entire state of Utah, in a highly stressful job. “It was all about the career, I had let my health and fitness go to hell,” he said. Cliff had been a serious athlete his whole life,…

A Turning Point in New York Times Columnist Philip Galanes Life

An Eye-Opening Observation When Philip Galanes visited his mother in the summer of 2014, she was sitting in a chair in the living room of her Vermont home. Philip quickly realized she had been sitting in that chair for weeks—literally—after she had hurt herself in a fall and was “trying to pretend the whole thing…

Sculptor Mark Mennin on the Power of Weight Training

On a typical day in Bethlehem, Connecticut, Mark Mennin can be found on his Hyster forklift, loading 200 tons of granite columns salvaged from an old bank or other demolished structure down his driveway to the outdoor studio where he works. Mark is a stone sculptor, the kind where he actually carves the stone himself….

CrossFit Success Story: Overcoming Intimidation and Feeling Powerful

Four years ago, at more than 20 pounds overweight, 30-year-old Melissa Panzer started CrossFit. “Walking in the door was the hardest part. I felt embarrassed and nervous. There were people of all ages. Everyone was strong. I was intimidated.” Melissa pushed through her initial reservations and was soon going to CrossFit six days a week….

Paralyzed Bride Rachelle Friedman Chapman Finds a New Passion

When Rachelle Friedman Chapman had had enough of the limo, the clubs and the scene at her Virginia Beach bachelorette party, her posse headed to a friend’s house for a late night swim. Rachelle hesitated going in the pool because it was chilly, even though she was a lifeguard. So a friend playfully pushed her…