Success Stories

Success Story: Cliff Dalley Redefines “Middle Aged Man”

Cliff Dalley had been working for 36 years straight in a successful executive position at UPS, finally overseeing the entire state of Utah, in a highly stressful job. “It was all about the career, I had let my health and fitness go to hell,” he said. Cliff had been a serious athlete his whole life,…

Success Story: Jeff Botkin’s New Lease on Life

Jeff Botkin had a very sobering New Year’s Eve in 2017. He stepped on the scale to see a number he had never witnessed before between his feet: 260. He was “demoralized and disgusted,” he said. Jeff had been a very good athlete who competed in multiple sports and who always considered himself fit and…

Sculptor Mark Mennin’s Success Story: Strength to Create

On a typical day in Bethlehem, Connecticut, Mark Mennin can be found on his Hyster forklift, loading 200 tons of granite columns salvaged from an old bank or other demolished structure down his driveway to the outdoor studio where he works. Mark is a stone sculptor, the kind where he actually carves the stone himself….

Melissa’s Success Story: Getting Back on a Stronger Path

Four years ago, at more than 20 pounds overweight, 30-year-old Melissa Panzer started CrossFit. “Walking in the door was the hardest part. I felt embarrassed and nervous. There were people of all ages. Everyone was strong. I was intimidated.” Melissa pushed through her initial reservations and was soon going to CrossFit six days a week….

Olympic Medalist Dara Torres: Age is Just a Number

Going for Gold If Olympic swimmer Dara Torres gives you advice on getting into physical shape as you age, you listen. She knows what it means to set a goal for yourself and achieve it. She’s been doing it since she started swimming at age seven in Southern California. At age 14, Torres won her…