How to Use the StrongPath Fitness App: Your Complete Guide

Fitness trackers are becoming an essential device, alongside our phones and laptops. It’s becoming all too common to spot a passer-by wearing a smartwatch.

It was the Fitbit in 2008 that put the attention of the public to these specialized devices, though. While it’s not the first wearable fitness device, it was one of the first one that became mainstream.

Even without a tracker, however, people likely have a fitness app on their smartphones. These don’t need a separate device, but they can still help you get to your fitness goals.

How so? We’ll discuss that and later, we’ll introduce you to the StrongPath fitness app.

Why Use Fitness Apps?

Fitness apps are everywhere in your app store and they all claim the same thing: it will help you reach your fitness goals. But that’s something a trained professional can do for you, so why rely on an app at all? How effective are they in actual life?

Fitness apps may have numerous functions, but they’re all designed to assist you with exercising and nutrition. Anything fitness-related is a fitness app.

It’s a subcategory of Health apps, which deals with health as a whole. This may include apps for managing your mental health, correcting your sleep cycle, or finding the best healthy restaurants in the area. Fitness apps, however, focus on physical training and nutrition.

How Fitness Apps Work

Although different fitness apps may have different features, their core functions are pretty much the same.

They usually have exercise videos to help you set up a workout routine. Then, there’s a tracker to help you follow your progress. Some may record your personal bests and collect data on your workouts, runs, walks, and such.

With the help of other accessories, like Fitbits and Apple Watches, they can also track your heartbeats, steps, and so on with greater accuracy than in the past.

In a typical fashion, a fitness app focuses on a single physical activity. It may focus on lifting, for example, or yoga. There may also be running apps and apps dedicated to tracking your biking rides. There’s always an app for your specific fitness goals.

How Can They Help You

These claims sound promising, but how do they fare in real life? To the surprise of some, studies show they’re pretty effective.

The team of researchers found that fitness apps promote behavioral changes. They divided the 726 into three groups: app users, former app users, and non-app users.

A whopping 75% of the app users claimed to be more active than before using the app. They tended to exercise rather than other leisure activities during their free time.

Comparing that to the percentage of former app users and non-app users (both below 50%) who reported being more active, we learn that fitness apps do push the users to stick to their plans.

What all this means for you is that you might be able to taste success in a fitness app when you can’t find it anywhere else. The success rate depends on the app, though. People are more inclined to follow the app if they’re personalized and if they can talk to trainers.

If you want those features, we have the app for you: the StrongPath Fitness app.

What is the StrongPath Fitness App?

The StrongPath fitness app is another entry to the market, promising you good results with the help of a trainer. It allows you to communicate with a coach who can view your progress in real-time. It also helps you personalize your workouts, goals, and such.

Let’s learn how to use the StrongPath fitness app below.

Progress Tracker

Like in other fitness apps, StrongPath allows you to monitor your progress. You may save your measurements and even photos, allowing you to look back and compare your current achievements.

You can also track your progress on your health and fitness goals. You set one or more, in the beginning, then watch as you work your way toward your goal.

Curious about your best records? Don’t worry, the app will show you your personal bests. This allows you to have more motivation; try to beat your previous best each time you work out.

If you’re that worried about sticking to your routine, though, don’t be. You can schedule your workouts and receive push notifications when you need to.

Workout Menu

This app offers more than that, though, as it also contains a huge variety of exercises. It’s complete with descriptions and demonstration videos so you don’t feel lost. If you ever feel confused, though, you can enjoy one unique benefit to this app: asking a professional.

Access to Trainers

One of the best benefits of the StrongPath fitness app is that it allows you to message your coach anytime. You can ask about the specifics of your workout or you can alert them of any issue you might get when doing your routine.

You’re sure you’re getting the care you need even when doing a workout routine on your own. You’ll get professional advice tailored to your specific concern.


The StrongPath app offers an advanced level of customization. You may choose your exercises on your own or you can choose from several pre-made workouts. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from your coach.

Your coach can also prescribe you the right nutrition intake you need for your goals. You can then manage that through the app, as well.

Habit Streaks

Doing workouts isn’t the only way to be healthy; you have to build healthy habits, too. That’s why StrongPath offers a solid tracker to motivate you to build habits.

You’ll be able to name your habits and then get a special prize whenever you hit a milestone. As you continue your streak, you’ll get achievement badges.

Download the StrongPath Fitness App Now

We’ve learned what the StrongPath fitness app can do for you, but it won’t be able to help you until you let it. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and start improving your health today.

Work out in the comforts of your home with personalized exercises, and chat with your coach from time to time. Download it now and contact us for any questions.

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