How Weightlifting Changed This Grandmother’s Life

Mary is now able to keep up with her 5-year old granddaughter because of weightlifting.

Growing strong with weightlifting and building strength is not really about looking fit and muscular or being able to lift heavier weights in a gym.

“It’s about being able to live life to its fullest,” said Mary.

Why Mary Took Up Weightlifting Despite Not Having a Weight Problem

Mary, a petite Japanese American woman, was 57 when she made a serious decision to take the StrongPath to weightlifting. She had already been going to the gym regularly. She didn’t have a weight problem, but she did have elevated triglycerides. She had some health problems including bouts of fibromyalgia pain, which were debilitating, especially when the weather was humid, and some ongoing adrenal and thyroid issues.

She managed all of those health issues, just fine. But there was a bigger, more important challenge looking her straight in the eye, that she needed to be able to tackle. It was her two-year-old granddaughter Alyssa. Her favorite game was, “Let’s run, Grandma!”


Mary’s Simple Reason for Weightlifting

Though desperate to play this game and the next games that would come along soon enough, Mary didn’t quite have the strength. A little running was one thing. But given that Alyssa’s nickname was Hurricane Alyssa, Mary wanted to be able to do more, like rough housing and playing for years to come. Mary simply wasn’t strong enough.

So Mary embarked on the StrongPath with one simple goal. “I wanted to train so I could keep up with my granddaughter and enjoy every precious moment,” she said. “Regular exercise, like the treadmill, or the occasional fitness class just wasn’t enough.”

Mary started lifting heavier weights during her workouts. She couldn’t believe how quickly she grew stronger. She was determined, and with an attitude of slow and steady, she kept at it.
Suddenly, one year into her StrongPath, Mary was in the best shape of her life. Her triglycerides were back to normal. And long as she was lifting her fibromyalgia pain stayed away. An extra bonus: she was sleeping much better.

Mary’s granddaughter is five now. Mary is 60. Mary has no problem keeping up with Alyssa and in fact, does things she never thought she could, including hopping on a tiny tricycle and taking Alyssa for a spin on the back.

The pay-off has been seen in other ways as well.

“I used to worry that if I lifted weights, I would get bulky,” Mary said. “That didn’t happen. I went from weighing 98 pounds to 105, but I knew that was powerful lean muscle mass.” In fact, her entire body composition changed—she was chiseled and strong, with perfect posture.

“I understand the health benefits of training, but what’s immeasurable, is the gift of quality time with my granddaughter. Nothing brings me more joy,” Mary said.




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