The Unsung Hero of Fitness: Preparation and Recovery

Man prepares for leg workout

As we age, our body isn’t going to respond to fitness the same way as it did many years ago. It is for that reason, that we will have to make modifications our daily routine to maintain health and physical fitness without injury. One of the best ways to do so is through the proper preparation and recovery time before and after a workout.

Make the Most Out of Your Warmup

Right off the bat, stretching is something we have been advised to do from healthcare professionals, trainers, school settings, etc. Although it may have seemed, at the time, to be annoying and tedious to do, stretching can make a large difference in the efficiency of your training.

Warming up your body physically will also get your mind onto the same path so you can be extremely focused and ensure that your workout is going to be efficient.

Recovery Time Is the Best Time

Once you’ve finished your workout, the lactic acid starts to build inside, and it takes time for your body to clear it out. This is another instance in which stretching is great in cooling down your muscles. Cool down exercises aid in releasing and removing the lactic acid, therefore assisting your body with recovering quicker post-workout.

The Main Advantages

Preventing Injury

Aside from before and after your workouts, preventing injury through stretching and warmups should be a vital part of your daily life. When you visit a sports event, you will always see the athletes stretching and performing light warmups. This is to make sure that their muscles are flexible and can do the extreme, if need be.

Now, we understand that you may not be performing such rigorous activity like these professional athletes, but preventing injury in any case should be taken seriously at any cost.

Combating Muscle Soreness

Being sore after an intense workout is not uncommon; however, it can be more detrimental if the proper preparation isn’t taken beforehand and afterwards. If stretching isn’t something that you’re keen on doing, cool down exercises have been proven to prevent muscle soreness. Regardless of your age, muscle soreness isn’t picky; everyone suffers from it. Take the right steps to ensure your everyday active life is smooth!

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