Regaining Confidence and Winning at Life with Wendy Poage

Wendy Poage on regaining confidence through building strength

Before taking on a strength training regime, Wendy Poage, 45, found every excuse possible to avoid dating. She worked hard, and as a single mom, she wanted to spend time with her son. But lack of confidence was also a big reason. As a result, Wendy didn’t do any serious dating for 15 years.

“It was easier just to avoid it than waste time and face rejection,” Wendy said.

Wendy’s Journey to Regaining Confidence

Inspired by Fred to get started, eighteen months ago, Wendy began working out two to three times a week, lifting heavier and heavier weights and committing to a serious plan at the gym. In addition to regaining confidence, Wendy’s body completely changed.

She started dating again. She changed jobs in her field in medicine, and her income increased.

“The job change was definitely influenced by my new self-confidence. I stayed in one place for over 20 years and enjoyed it, but in retrospect, I think I liked it because it was safe. Fred inspired me to want to be the best person I could be and I knew I wasn’t doing that. Having confidence, combined with feeling better about myself, helped me to see the abilities and strengths that other people knew I had. Strength training was the beginning of a new chapter.”

A New Burst of Energy

In addition to regaining confidence and enjoying trying new things, Wendy also has a lot more energy.

“Now, people are amazed at all that I do and accomplish. Perhaps even more importantly, I have been an inspiration to others to strength train and renew their efforts in life,” she said.

People tell her she carries herself differently now that she’s physically stronger. That strength allows her to tackle physical projects she would have thought were too hard before.

“The feeling of success in exercise has helped me to stay motivated, which is something that has been a lifelong battle. I appreciate my newfound strength every day, even in simple daily activities like playing with the young kids in my family and doing yard work.”

Weight loss isn’t top of mind or part of Wendy’s goal structure. She focuses instead on building strength, and said her only nutritional goal is to eat better while she’s traveling, which is still a hurdle she faces with her busy schedule.

“Once you’re stronger, you regain confidence and feel stronger in many aspects of your life. But with strength training, you create a track record of success as you go because you’re lifting more weight and can measure that rather than the ups and downs of weight loss. That increase is what builds me up.”








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