The StrongPath Difference

Data-driven Fitness Training, Tailored to You

All of our fitness programs are science-based and handcrafted for you, based on your fitness goals and health data.

Build Strength
We have science-based programs focused on building strength and muscle and preventing sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass), so you can live a longer, happier, more functional life.

Take the Guesswork Out
Rather than just assigning you random workouts, we’ll get you on a tailored fitness program that’s best suited for your health needs—and if you give your coach access to your health data, they will further personalize your fitness program and workouts based on that data.

Lower Your Risk of Disease and Disability
The StrongPath method of building muscular strength and optimizing health has been scientifically proven to lower risk of chronic disease and disability.

What is Sarcopenia?

Starting at age 30, physically inactive people begin to lose 3%-8% of muscle mass per decade, resulting in frailty, weakness and chronic disease over time. The medical term for loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength is sarcopenia.

Many medical professionals claim that sarcopenia is an inevitable part of aging and cannot be avoided. But we’ve discovered that strength training at least three times a week can help to prevent and reverse age-associated sarcopenia. And in fact, strength training is the healthiest and most effective treatment for sarcopenia.

StrongPath Destinations

A Destination for Every Health Need

Has your doctor told you that you’re at risk for heart-disease? We’ve got a program for you. Pre-diabetic or diabetic? We can help. We offer a wide variety of programs, each of which relates to a particular Destination or goal that solves a certain health need.

StrongPath Heart
This is the path toward optimal cardiovascular efficiency and muscular endurance. The StrongPath heart program aims to improve the oxygen delivery to your body by helping the heart chambers become larger and more flexible. More blood will be delivered with each beat of the heart, which can lower your heart rate and blood pressure; improve digestion; and enhance stress resilience.

StrongPath Mind
Best for those looking to improve mental and emotional resilience, StrongPath Mind is designed to enhance emotional wellbeing, reduce anxiety, improve cognitive function, regulate appetite and clear the mind.

StrongPath Muscle
StrongPath Muscle is intended to promote muscle mass and function, so you can feel stronger than Popeye. This Destination will help you to increase lean body mass, reduce joint pain and improve joint function.

StrongPath Body
Intended to combat obesity and improve metabolic health, StrongPath Body works to help you lose weight, boost cardiometabolic markers, and strengthen your immune system.

A One-of-a-Kind Fitness Experience

Share Your Health Data to Get Even More Personalized Fitness Training

The future of healthcare is here. With StrongPath Insights, coaches function as a part of your clinical care team. You can choose to give your coach continual access to your ever-changing health, physiological and lifestyle data. From there, your coach can provide you with more personalized feedback and create fitness and nutrition programs that are hyper personalized to you. For example, if your coach finds that your blood pressure is a bit high one day or your BMI has suddenly gone up, they can plan your workouts or nutrition plan accordingly.