StrongPath & Life Scan Join Forces In Wellness For First Responders

First responders get fitness and mental health helping hand…

Daily across America first responders put their lives on the line to protect our communities. Ensuring first responders are in top physical and mental health ensures their survival. StrongPath, a virtual science-based fitness and nutrition company has partnered with Life Scan Wellness Centers, the nation’s leading provider of comprehensive early detection public safety physicals, to offer police, firefighters and EMS free access to StrongPath’s virtual fitness app with its array of exercise, nutrition, stress and sleep management plans.

Maintaining physical fitness is key to reducing workplace injuries and critical to ensuring peak performance and career longevity, as well as providing scientifically proven mental health and stress reduction benefits. The StrongPath’s fitness app allows police, EMS and firefighters to better manage their fitness even with their hectic schedules. Offering more than 1000 instructional and motivational exercise videos, first responders are sure to find the physical challenge that suites them best. StrongPath also provides nutrition plans as well as meditation, yoga and other stress reduction techniques which can be mastered in the privacy of the home.

“Life Scan has focused on the health and wellness of first responders for over two decades,” explains Patricia Johnson, CEO and Co-Founder of Life Scan. “In that time, we’ve learned that prevention and early detection are the best methods for ensuring the health and safety of first responders. We know that physical and mental health fitness are the best way to keep health complications from arising. This partnership with StrongPath compliments the on-site assessment and coaching our exercise physiologist perform with 40,000 firefighters and law enforcement officers annually. It will allow our frontline heroes to stay safe and strong both physically and mentally during the course of the year until we see them again for their next annual public safety physical.”

The fitness program allows first responders to set their own goals, monitor their progress and get stronger every day. The videos provide real-world fitness techniques which mimic on the job movements and are designed to be undertaken with little or no exercise equipment needed. StrongPath’s virtual fitness program also has a built-in message board where first responders can communicate, motivate and support colleagues across the country.

“Society is rising to the challenge that this pandemic is creating. Supporting our first responders is absolutely critical. It’s our responsibility as a community and a company to do what we can to keep them healthy in body and mind. I am incredibly humbled that StrongPath is doing its part to help keep those that our community relies on in the best shape so that they can always be there for us, as we will always be there to support them,” says Jeff Camp, CEO of StrongPath.

For more information, or to schedule an interview, please contact either:

Chief Todd J. LeDuc, (Ret), Chief Strategy Officer- Life Scan Wellness Centers



Avin Kline, Product Manager-StrongPath